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Who we are!

Put Your crankbait on steroids!

Minda Lures, Inc. was established in 2004 to design and produce innovative fishing products that will enhance fishing effectiveness and fun. John Guerin is president of Minda Lures, Inc. and has been an avid fisherman for almost 40 years.  His philosophy of taking a product you already own and making it better led to the creation of the Crank Bait Tail™ and the Injured Minda™, for which he is the sole developer. Watch for more of his innovating products in the near future.

Minda, meaning “knowledge” in native American, was the name John’s daughter held in wait for a baby sister. Instead, the name was attached to a different kind of “child” – dad’s new company.


It's here

More on the Injured Minda

The Injured Minda™ is a one-of-a-kind lure and must-have for every fisherman. This versatile, two-piece lure, hinged at the tail, has the unique ability to create a stationary action. Fishermen can make the lure rock or flip in a stationary position -- and it never leaves the strike zone.


Read what Ray Sasser writes In the Dallas Morning News about The Injured Minda™


ICAST Web Site

The show has closed and it was a great success. I want to thank all those that stopped by the booth to talk. For those that couldn't make it, here are some photos from the show.


Click on picture to view large version

The booth at ICAST

The Booth

John & Capt. Sam Williams

John with Marcia Rubin

Capt. Sam Williams

Read a review written by Matt Vincent, Editor, BASS Times, about what he thinks of the Injured Minda while he was at ICAST in Las Vegas

Read about who and what was in the New Product Show Case at ICAST in Las Vegas

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