Crank Bait Tail™ Features

Put Your crankbait on steroids!


  • Soft plastic tail fits on most crankbaits
  • Made from durable, PVC-based material
  • Approximately 1½” in length
  • Attaches to the tail end of most crankbaits
  • Creates a lifelike appearance and swimming action
  • Does not interfere with the hook set or intended wobble action of crankbaits
  • Can also be used with soft plastic baits to accentuate action or as a jig or spinner bait skirt

The Crank Bait Tail™ (CBT) is a revolutionary, performance-enhancing skirt that attaches to your existing lures. It greatly enhances a lures’ lifelike appearance and vibration, the two primary keys to attracting more fish.

The CBT™ offers a unique advantage over feather-dressed and other hooks. The CBT™ picks up all the action the bait delivers because it attaches easily and creatively to the end of the lure. Simply remove the split ring, hook and attach the tail (with the O-ring towards the bait) over the top of the split ring eye. Reconnecting the split ring and hook holds the tail in place.

The CBT™ can be modified to better fit smaller and lighter crankbaits by:

  • cutting the strands to the appropriate length

  • removing every third or fourth strand to make it more proportional to the lure.

NOTE: We do not recommend leaving your CBT™ in high temperatures for extended periods of time. For best results and continued success, care for them as you would your other soft plastics.




Color: Blue/Black

Color: Chartreuse/White


Color: Chrome

Color: Fire Tiger

Color: Gray/Silver


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Color: Green/Blue Fleck


Color: Lime/Red Fleck

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Color: Red/Black

Color: Assorted (1 of ea color)

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