Crank Bait Tail™ Features

Put Your crankbait on steroids!


  • Designed to emulate a
    dying or injured fish
  • Weighted bill and tail and two-piece construction
    allow tail to flip like a dying fish in a stationary position
  • Stationary action allows
    lure to remain in the strike zone of feeding fish with
    less casting
  • Fishing line threaded
    through the body and
    tied to hinged tail allows fisherman to work the
    tail action
  • Created from ABS plastic
    and air brushed to look exactly like a fish
  • Patented in 1998

Inspiration for the Injured Minda™ came when John’s eldest son, who as a toddler, fed his tropical fish with an entire bottle of Tetra! After replacing the water and returning the fish to the tank, father and son watched the fish die slowly from overeating. They would float to the top of the water on their sides, then flip their tails to push themselves back down below the surface. This recurring behavior sparked John’s imagination. An artificial lure that could mimic this same action would be the perfect bait. After trial and error with wooden prototypes, John developed a lure that would flip its tail like a dying fish floating on its side. He then made it stationary by incorporating a weighted bill and tail into the lure. The result is a versatile, top water bait that requires only the creativity of the fisherman to maximize its effectiveness.

Production on the Injured Minda is temporarily on hold.

Because we think like fish so you don't have to, we are in the process of a minor redesign of this bait. When the enhanced bait becomes available we will also be offering additional colors and patterns with superb life-like reproduction. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please check back soon.

The Injured Minda™ is a one-of-a-kind lure and must-have for every fisherman. This versatile, two-piece lure, hinged at the tail, has the unique ability to create a stationary action. Fishermen can make the lure rock or flip in a stationary position -- and it never leaves the strike zone.

•Read what Ray Sasser writes In the Dallas Morning News about The Injured Minda™

See the video on YouTube•SEE THE Injured Mindawork. This video of the Injured Minda™ shows how to fish it as a Stationary Bait, Flutter Bait, Crank Bait and how to tie.

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How to fish with the
Injured Minda

  • Small taps on a taught line causes the head to dip down, giving the lure a rocking motion that imitates a faltering bait fish
  • The lure can be retrieved as a crank bait traveling from zero to eight feet deep.
  • Depth of the lure can be controlled by the position of the rod tip in relation to the water surface
  • The Injured Minda™ can mimic “walking the dog” action without jerking (just a half of a turn of your reel)
  • Slightly shaking the rod and cranking slowly can achieve a flutter effect at surface level

Note: a DVD on how to fish this lure comes with each purchase.

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